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About us

A treasure trove at your fingertips

Finding top quality and affordable designer jewelry that makes your heart dance when you see it - and makes a statement when you wear it - shouldn’t be an impossible task.

The classic gold chain necklace that perfectly complements your blouse...
The ring with a twinkling stone you can’t stop staring at because it’s oh-so gorgeous...
The quirky earrings that make looking in the mirror your favorite time of day...

Whatever your taste, whatever your style, discovering that perfect statement piece should be an experience so easy and so pleasurable that you want to do it all over again, and again, (and maybe one more time after that).

That’s why I created Ro & Jewel. It’s the place to find those perfect pieces. Pieces that have been created by exceptionally talented jewelry designers, handpicked by me, and are waiting to be loved by you.

I’m Rocio, the curator behind this little online shop of treasures, based in Bellevue, Washington.

I believe that wearing a piece of jewelry is like baring a piece of your heart. That’s why it’s so important for it to feel right. My own excitement for statement jewelry started when I was a kid - I remember watching the Flintstones on the television and desperately wishing I had Wilma’s chunky white necklace.

Then, at just 5 years old, my grandma gave me a tiny gold ring but, as pretty as it was, it wasn’t as pretty as my friend’s big, purple one. Which was a plastic party ring… (Don’t judge, I was only 5!) We arranged a swap, and that’s when my love for sharing jewelry started.

Many of my school vacations were spent rotating around my family’s retail businesses in Costa Rica watching how they all worked. My grandpa would joke that I was an expensive employee because I asked for pizza and ice cream on a daily basis! Later in life, I ran my own thriving shoe shop importing different collections. And when I moved to the US with my husband 17 years ago, I started selling clothing and jewelry, first through trunk shows and parties and then online.

That’s when I discovered the joy of creating personalized customer experiences, which now form the core of Ro & Jewel.

You know that feeling you get when you open a beautifully wrapped gift? The bubbling excitement that builds in your belly as you run your fingers over the outside. The smile that spreads helplessly across your face as you delicately remove the layers. The little flutter your heart does as you reveal what lies quietly inside. That’s the feeling I want you to have every time you receive a Ro & Jewel package, which is why every item is lovingly gift wrapped by yours truly. You can even choose special occasion wrapping, like Christmas and Valentine’s. It might be the most beautiful surprise your doorstep ever gets...

Ro & Jewel’s collections were curated for you.

So go ahead - explore this online treasure trove to your eyes’ content and find the piece your heart wants.

The one that makes you feel like the best, most confident version of you every single time you put it on.

Distinctive. Exquisite. Yours.

Find the one.